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B. F. M. Hospital Ministry – August 2016

  • Ministered (8) eight days at Princess Margaret Hospital and (1) one day at Doctor's Hospital.
  • Ministered to (105) One Hundred Five persons.
  • (9) Nine persons either rededicated or committed their life to Christ.
  • Visit (1) One sick and Shut –In BFM member at home.
  • BFM Real Men Ministry partner with us in ministry at Princess Margaret Hospital on August 19th.
  • Two team members prayed for the sick and shut in's at Monday Night Prayer Meetings.

Work in the Field

Sister, Linelle praying for brother, Nelson of BFM.

Team at a home visitation of one of its members

Work in the Field

Team after ministry at Princess Margaret Hospital

Members of BFM Real Men Ministry partnering with us this month.


B.F.M. Hospital Ministry – July 2016

  • Ministered (7) seven days at Princess Margaret Hospital.
  • Ministered to (43) Forty- three plus persons.
  • One (1) person gave their life to Christ.
  • Ministered to (2) two members at home.
  • Prayed for the Sick – n- Shut In at Monday Night Prayer Meeting the 2nd & 4th week of the month.
  • Supported and celebrated with teammate, Jeff Francis in the home going of his brother.

Celebration & Thanksgiving

Our Freeport Youth Pastor daughter, Wayneisha says thanks, for the support she received during her time of hospitalization from a car accident.

The Hospital Ministry supported and celebrated with team member, Jeff Francis on the passing of his brother

Home Visitation to Sathesa Burrows

Some members outside her home after the ministry, with the husband and two of the kids.



Hospital Ministry June 2016

  • Ministered to 59 plus persons.
  • Ministered 10 days at P. M. Hospital.
  • 2 – Persons gave their life to Christ.
  • Distributed tools for ministry; two books to each member: Scripture Confession for Healing and How to Witness to Anyone.
  • Supported the Youth Alive event on the 29th & 30th
  • Team members : Jeff Francis and Diana Andrews prayed for the sick at Monday Night Prayer Meeting.
  • Distributed Daily Bread mediation books to patients.

Team visits Minister, Porsha Rolle.

Paul, lays hand on and prays for member Porsha's leg.

Team (L to R) Zina, Shantia, Linelle, Paul, Bernice, and husband of Porsha, Allan Rolle.


BFM Hospital Ministry May 2016

  • Ministered to over 58 persons
  • Four (4) persons rededicated or committed life to Christ.
  • Care –net #7 partner with group
  • Participated in Monday night Prayer Meeting.
  • Ministered nine (9) days at P.M. Hospital
  • Visit church guitarist at home
  • Supported member who was hospitalized.


Hospital Ministry May 2016

Some members of Care-net #7 partners with hospital ministry

Part of team visiting with guitarist, Lionel Harris and his family at home.

Supporting Team Member

Team member, Paul Willie talking about his diagnoses at hospital with other members.

Team members came to support, encourage, and pray for team member, Paul Willie.(L-R) Shantia, Paul, June, Jeff, Kenneth, Cheryl, Zina.


BFM Hospital Ministry April 2016

  • Ministered to over 40 persons
  • 7 persons gave life to Christ.
  • Care-Net unit partner with group
  • Participated in 3 training and development seminars


Hospital Ministry for March 2016

  • Ministered to over 73 persons
  • Visited three (3) members at home
  • Team participated in Missions Seminar 2nd – 5th, 2016
  • Roster for every 2nd & 4th Monday night at church Prayer Meeting.
  • Ministered eight (8) days at P.M.H. Hospital.
  • Eight (8) persons gave life to Christ

Home Visitation to Michael Fox Jr.

Team : Jeff Francis, Paul Willie, Zina Dillet, Shantia Turnquest, Ruthmae Francis, June Cartwright, Kenneth Thurston, Michael Fox Jr.

  • At all home visitations, we presented gifts in the form of grocery, cooked food, money , or any item we deem needed.
  • Give words of encouragement individually
  • Pray for healing and anything else where prayers is requested
  • Sing songs of praise and thanksgiving.
  • Sometime give communion.
  • But most of all give lots of hugs and smiles, and leave a lot of love.

Home Visitation to Eula Moss

Team: (l to r) Debbie Scott, Lydia Wallace, Zina Dillet, Kenneth Thurston, Linelle Thompson, Ruthmae Francis, Linda Symmonette, Mrs. Eula Moss

Team member, Paul Willie and Mrs. Moss

Home Visitation to Sylvia Bethel

Mrs. Sylvia Bethel, retired teacher.

Team: (l to r) Dr. Fran Pinder, Zina Dillet, Kenneth Thurston, Sylvia Bethel, Ruthmae Francis